Veteran Info

Veteran Info

Heritage Villas has become the preferred home setting for many veterans. The veterans who have made Heritage Villas their home enjoy camaraderie with their fellow veterans as well as assistance from our staff with navigating the benefits programs they may qualify for. Many of the veterans residing at Heritage Villas participate in several programs offered by the Veterans Affairs Department.

VA Programs offered at Heritage Villas: 

Aid and Attendance – is a monthly pension for veterans or their surviving spouse who meet the requirements. 

Medical Foster Home Care and Community Residential Care – are two programs offered to veterans who do not need to be in a skilled facility, but due to certain medical, mental condition, cannot live alone or have no one to care for their needs. These programs allow veterans to stay in a quality home care environment.

Our Resident Services Coordinator works closely with our residents and the VA to help our veterans navigate the processes to benefit from these programs. She’s available to talk with at 234-401-9333.

For more info on these programs visit these links: